Sunday, March 13, 2011

Akward Yet Funny Weekend

So yesterday I was playing around with my new iPhone texting a friend when my cousin sends me a text.... I open the text and what was it???....... A PICTURE OF HIS PENIS!!!!!! He then sent me another text telling me that he meant to send it to his girlfriend. No matter what, I am still scarred and disgusted by this! I saw my cousins wiener! YUCK!!! Family will just never be the same for me again!

Still online dating... its still interesting. I am getting a little discouraged though! I am surprised (well, I guess Im not totally surprised) at the amount of married men looking to date! Is marriage not important anymore? And its like they think I wont find out that they are married. When we can only go on 'dates' during the lunch hour or during working hours... I am going to question it. Or when we go out for dinner but we have to leave Toronto to do so.... ya, thats a little fishy..... This is not Utah! I will  have to find out eventually!


So I have recently become addicted to stand up comedy... The following are just a few jokes that have stuck with me and make me silently giggle to myself at random times during the day...

Girl Says: For a Dollar, you can lick this! (referring to her... you know!)
Guy Responds: I'd rather lick the dollar!

Do you know what I can the morning after pill? Breakfast in bed!

There is a test that you can take to see if you are gay or not.... its called an HIV test.... 100% accurate!

Guys Term: Cock Blocker
Girls Term: Twat Swatter

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  1. Totally awkward. SO awkward!!
    Can you imagine if he accidentally sent it to Kelsey? Or Shell? Or Rana? OR GRAMMY FOR THAT MATTER!? LOL - wow. Every time I think about it I laugh hysterically.